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Why eating in silverware is a healthy practice, various health benefits of silverware

The Kings and Rulers of the past have used silverware for centuries! If you thought they used silverware as only for decorative reasons, you will be surprised to find out the real reason why they used Silverware in their daily life. Read to find out more… If you though the rich and wealthy, Kings, Queen and Royalty both in the Eastern and the Western World used silverware only for show off and as a status symbol, and for decorative reasons, experts believe it was also about healthy lifestyle ! Silverware should be part of your daily lifestyle, as it is loaded with health benefits below –

01. Anti Bacterial Properties

According to experts, Silverware has antibacterial properties that keeps the food protected from harmful bacteria. It is a well known fact that Silver is naturally resistant to bacteria and is used in many applications to protect against bacterial infection. Pure Silver Jug and Glass Set, Sterling Silver Jug, Sterling silver Glass, Pure silver Glass

02. Enhances Immune System

As Silver protects the food and water from harmful bacteria, it helps protects your body against unwanted bacterial infections originating from consuming infected food and water. This leads to healthy and stronger immune system.

03. Natural and Non Toxic in Nature

Silver is a natural metal and therefore, Utensils made from Silver are natural and non toxic in nature. Unlike other metals and materials that contaminate the food when heated, due to the chemical reaction and chemical composition, food stored and consumed in Silver utensils is safe from these harmful chemicals.   Silverware Pure Silver Dinner Set, Silver Plates, Silver Bowl, Silver spoon, Silver Glass

04. Protects from micro-organisms

According to Hippocrates (Father of Medicine), Silver is a tool that can kill micro-organisms and is a tool to prevent decay. Silvers natural properties as an anti micro-organisms and anti bacteria ‘have found its use in many industrial and healthcare products.  

05. Cooling Effect

Silver is a good conductor of heat and as a result, silver utensils have a cooling effect on the body that further smoothens digestion and helps improve the body’s metabolic system.

06. Keeps Food Fresh Longer

According to some studies, food or drink stored in Silver vessels and utensils last for longer periods. Silver due to its anti microbial and anti bacterial properties kills the micro organism trying to grow on the food making it stale, resulting in fresher and healthier food. Pure Silver Glass, Sterling Silver Glass, Sterling silver Glass, Real silver glass

07. Silver Utensils are durable

Utensils and vessels made from Silver are more durable as compared to ceramic or glass ware. Silver is much more durable, unbreakable and lasts longer than the utensils made from these materials.

08. Silverware maintains its value over time and is part of your family heirloom

Utensils and vessels made from other materials lose their value instantly the moment you buy them from the market. They can seldom be sold in market are not a store of value or wealth. However silverware has a unique benefit that at the same time as you are enjoying the beauty, class, opulence and health benefits, you are also adding to your heirloom that can be passed on to generations. There is no other utensil or vessel that maintains its value against inflation over time and in most cases increases in value.


So it can be concluded that not only does Silver ware looks classy, opulent and beautiful as compared to utensils made from other materials like glass, ceramics or plastics, they also have great amount of health benefits which does not exist for the other types of utensils. Silverware also has a unique benefits that it is also a store of wealth and value and protects your household against rampant inflation as they can always be sold at the market value of silver. No other vessel made from other materials has this property and can be used as such.


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