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Tissue Boxes & Serving Trays: Useful Items in Table Designs

Useful Items in Table Designs

Designing the décor of your house involves setting up all the tables and similar flat-topped furniture with suitable accessories. Speaking of which, the dining room often has the biggest table in the house.

Accessorizing your dining table with something handmade, such as a gorgeous facial tissue box holder, however, will add a great touch anywhere you like.

Since it’s also a space where all the cohabitants get together for meals, you need to make sure it is welcoming and comfortable to spend time there at all times. Whether your dining corner involves the smallest of corners or is a dedicated, formal room that’s highly spacious, the dining table is almost always the focal point of this space.

Dining Table Designs with Elegant yet Useful Accessories

If you wish to design and accessorize your dining room and table with items like a serving tray, take a look at some of these popular trends going around these days for some décor inspiration:

Compact and Contemporary

Keep things light and modern with round tables that look sleek and come with chairs that are matching in colour. Round tables are great for smaller families and can be decorated with a beautiful tissue box cover containing a dining table essential.

Adjustable Dining Table Pattern

Smaller spaces are better manageable when you have furniture you can extend and contract according to need. For instance, adjustable dining tables that you can open when expecting guests for dinner and fold back in when not entertaining.

Cosy Country Style of Decor

Green brings a certain rustic charm with some shades that are worth experimenting with if you’re into the theme. You can also bring together mismatched chairs with a cabinet in the background that fits in with the colour scheme.

Nordic Minimalism

The Scandinavians hit the nail on the head each time when it comes to minimalistic furniture. From fabulous beechwood tables to wide-legged chairs and a beautiful fruit bowl, it doesn’t take much to create the perfect space for an amazing meal.

A Mish Mash of Chairs

There’s no rule that says you must have matching chairs for your table. Choosing the right combination of colours and shapes results in a charming assemblage for your whimsical dining room!

Try Going Natural

Sometimes, simple really is better, especially when it connects you with nature. In such cases, you can choose a plain table constructed from materials like solid pine, and have handcrafted chairs to go with it.

Select Bold Statement Pieces

Tables need not be the boldest feature in your dining room. You can also hang a pendant or mini chandelier to add a dramatic statement. Distinct pieces like these or a set of stylish chairs can help boost the style quotient.

Add Elegance to Your Dining Table

If you have a dining table with a curvilinear wooden base, try accessorizing it with items that exude elegance like hand-carved serving trays. It will complement your chairs while providing a delicate contrast to the table. A beautiful arrangement for a modern dining room & dining table designs indeed!

Glass for Added Class

Square tables with glass tops have been classic for decades now. Matched with chairs that present a contrast in terms of shape, it makes for a compact and light dining setting that is suitable for almost any type of space.

Of course, there’s never a single best combination when it comes to interior decoration. The ideas presented above are more like guidelines to help you create a unique design that’s perfect for your tastes.

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