We bring you finest products from India and around the world that are exclusively available to you only at Nestaire.

We are an Australian Owned and Operated Business

Nestaire is an Australian owned and operated business that brings thousands of years of tradition and culture to discerning Australian families. We are proud to work with and help support the craftsmen who are working hard to keep ancient art alive.

About Our Online Store

Nestaire also “Nest aire” is passionate about sourcing the best quality products that enhance the look and feel of your nest that is your home. Nestaire was founded by Indian Australian family to bring thousands of years of tradition and culture to discerning Australian families who seek only the best.

It is an Australian owned and operated business to give you the peace of mind you need that you are dealing with genuine people.

Nestaire sources beautifully designed and crafted home ware from across India and the globe to bring you the finest products made from natural material in both modern and traditional designs.

Nestaire hand made products are not only beautiful but also unique as no two products are the same.

Our mother of pearl tableware is opulent, luxurious and unique, only available at our store. Each of the table ware takes enormous time, attention, detail and craftsmanship to make. Some of these products can take up to a week to make due to the highly intricate nature of these products.

Since mother of pearl is sourced from nature, it is safe and healthy to use as against plastics or other industrial chemical based products.

Our range of copper serve ware and drinkware contribute to a healthy lifestyle by providing a natural way to store and drink water.

Copper has been known to provide energy, vitality and vigor to the body. Copper is an essential mineral in our body that plays an important role in making red blood cells and maintaining nerve cells and immune system. Copper also helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, and plays a key role in energy production.

Copper is also known to be naturally resistant to bacteria and germs.

Copper, chemical symbol “Cu” is an important nutrient for cardiovascular health and low levels of it have been linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. For this reason, thousands of years of Indian tradition has promoted use of copper utensils and wares in everyday use.

Nestaire products signify beauty with a substance which means not only do they look beautiful but also help improve overall health and well being, thereby enhancing the way you live your life.