Terms and Conditions for BuyBack of Silver Products

In these terms and conditions Nestaire is the service provider and supplier

* You acknowledge full acceptance of these terms and conditions while placing an order.

Silver ware buyback terms and conditions

At Nestaire, we provide a facility to our customers and buy Silver ware products previously sold by us as a special consideration, subject to the following terms and conditions –

  1. Nestaire agrees to buy only the silver products which have been previously sold by us.
  2. Customer is required to provide documentary evidence, for example, copy of Invoice or Authenticity Card to establish prior sales by Nestaire.
  3. Nestaire will accept products in any condition as long as silver content has not been tampered with and are of the same purity as originally sold.
  4. Day of Sale of Buy Back products will be the day when products are received by Nestaire. Spot Prices for the day will be applicable for the purpose of this transaction.

Silver ware buyback Pricing

Nestaire will buy Silver ware products at the prevailing spot price of silver on the day of the sale as listed on Perth Mint official website (Spot price for gold, silver and platinum | The Perth Mint) less handling charges.

Upsell/Upgrade – If the customer wishes to re-invest buy back consideration to buy Nestaire Silver products, the buy back price will be adjusted down by 10% for handling charges.

Return/Cash – If the customer wishes to sell the products and do not wish to re-invest the proceeds in another Nestaire products, there will be a downward adjustment of 15% to Spot Silver prices.

How the Buy back works

  1. Customer will need to send products to our Head office at address below, at their own cost with full insurance.
  2. Customer will also send a documentary proof of purchase which includes a copy of invoice or authenticity card. Customer can provide a photocopy, scan or image of the original document.
  3. Nestaire will not be responsible for lost or stolen products before they have been delivered and received at our office.
  4. Once the product is received, the product will be weighed which will be communicated to the customer.
  5. Customer will be refunded for the silver content as per the formula below.
  6. Payments/refunds will be processed immediately, however it can take up to 3 business days for amounts to be received by customers

Purchase consideration = Weight of the product * Purity * Spot Price of Silver * Adjustment (0.90/0.85 as the case may be)

Customer Identification for Payments/Refunds

For refunds and payments over $1,000, Nestaire will require 100 points of identification to establish customer identity which may include a copy of your Drivers license, Passport, Medicare Card, Bank Card, Debit Or Credit Card, Pensioner Card etc.

Nestaire reserves the right to request individual or corporate identification for orders of any amount.