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Hammered Copper Mugs: Are They Good as Moscow Mule Mugs?

Hammered Copper Mugs

A cocktail isn’t simply the perfect combination of different ingredients. Great drinks have the power to elevate the drinking experience by heightening the senses with their delightful flavors, exquisite aromas, and splendid presentation.

All of these give character to the cocktail and make it worth sipping. Take the Moscow Mule, for instance: a classic American cocktail that’s essentially a vodka drink made with ginger beer and lime juice. It feels incomplete unless it’s served in hammered copper mugs because of the story and character those mugs bring to the cocktail.

Why Copper Mugs are used as Moscow Mule Mugs

Even though the ingredients of a Moscow Mule are carefully measured to bring out a unique taste, the copper mug is the true identity of the drink. Moreover, it can bring out the true flavor and presentation of the cocktail, and it has been this way ever since its invention in the 1940s.

Many people wonder about the origin of this drink and if copper mugs really are better to use. However, ask any traditionalist about the latter, and you are likely to earn a look that makes you think you’ve committed a blasphemy. After all, people have always associated Moscow Mules with copper mugs, even if many of them aren’t aware of the story behind it.

So, if you’re a discerning drinker who’s curious to know the facts, take a look at the true advantages of using copper mugs as Moscow Mule mugs.

The Metal Maintains the Drink’s Temperature

If you consider the scientific aspect of such mugs, you’ll find the temperature to be a crucial benefit of using copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules. Those using copper vessels for centuries have been aware of the ability of the metal to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside the vessel. That’s why chilled drinks drunk from such mugs feel even cooler because the metal rapidly takes on the temperature of the drink.

The rim of these hammered copper mugs cools down almost instantly, making your lips feel the intense chill just as quickly. The metal also insulates the cold temperature of the liquid, thereby keeping drinks cool for longer – something very useful for summertime drinking, much like a filled facial tissue box holder.

Also, Moscow Mule copper mugs have specially designed handles that keep the heat from the palms from reaching the mug, hence helping maintain the temperature of the drink.

Unique Taste with Copper Mugs

Although tastes may be different for everyone and depend on the recipe being used, the general consensus is that copper mugs definitely improve the individual flavors of each of the ingredients being used to make the drink. The reason behind this, as suggested by some experts, is that the vodka touching the walls of the mug reacts with the copper, leading to oxidation which mildly enhances the aroma and taste of the vodka.

Copper, when chilled, also tends to release more bubbles from the carbonated ginger ale\beer, making the drink fizzier in comparison with a plastic or glass container. Additionally, the lime juice present in the cocktail tastes even tangier, again thanks to the copper decreasing the acidity and raising the zingy citrus notes to further blend with the spicy ginger beer.

With these three flavor enhancements coming together, the Moscow Mule experience is elevated to its finest, cementing its place among classic American cocktails. All you need now is a drink coaster and a tissue box cover for some handy tissues.

An Unforgettable Experience

Choosing Moscow Mule mugs that are made of copper and come with handles are worth a try even if they’re not your style. That’s because the experience associated with their use is unique, due to the specific thickness of the copper and the convenient handles that offer excellent grip without meddling with the temperature of the drink.

So, your Moscow Mule will taste just the way it was meant to be enjoyed – tangy and chilled!


Copper mugs are certainly the most favorable choice when it comes to serving a Moscow Mule. That’s because these mugs are hands down the only way to make the most of the recipe.

After all, not many cocktails have the copper mug as its signature container. Such mugs not only exude elegance but also contribute to the enhanced flavor of the drink. And as wonderful as your cocktail will taste from one of these mugs, the experience is best when it’s shared with a loved one or a friend. Now that’s a precious gift brought to you from a set of hammered copper mugs!


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