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Benefits of Copper Water Intake, And Other Common Questions

Benefits of Copper Water

Copper water has become a hot topic of discussion for homeowners and experts these days. While most people believe in the benefits of copper water, others simply reject this claim.

If you too are curious about this topic and have loads of questions related to it, we’ve got you covered.

Nestaire offers an amazing range of copper bottles, jugs, glasses, and mugs. And even our customers reach out to us with a lot of questions. Instead of answering everyone one by one, we thought of creating a blog and addressing all the questions together.

Question 1:  Can We Drink Copper Water Daily?

Answer: Yes of course you can. To make the most of the benefits of copper water, you should in fact drink it daily.

Regular copper water intake means living a healthy life. Here’s a list of positive changes it can bring to your life:

  • Helps in Battling Cancer
  • Reduces Hypertension (Maintains a Balance)
  • Leads to Weight Loss
  • Stimulates the Thyroid Gland
  • Fights off Anemia
  • Treats Inflammation of Joints and Arthritis
  • Heals Wounds at a Quicker Pace
  • Prevents infections
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Improves Heart/Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduces the chance of stroke

Question 2: Is Copper Water Bottle Good for Health?

Answer: Yes, usage of a copper water bottle is good for your health. And here’s a quick tip we recommend you make use of:

  • Fill the copper water bottle or jug with water overnight. Doing this, allows the water to get ionized.
  • Consume this copper water the first thing in the morning.

This is the best way to have copper water, something that many people don’t even know of.

Question 3: How Much Copper Water Should You Drink a Day?

Answer: The World Health Organization (WHO) along with some of the best researchers around the globe recommend an intake of 700 ML per day.

Always remember, too much of anything can harm you. Even though copper water offers great health benefits, your body cannot tolerate an excess of copper.

Having water that has been constantly stored in a copper water bottle or vessel, might put you at the risk of copper toxicity. This could further lead to:

  • Dizziness
  • Kidney Failure
  • Liver Damage
  • Abdominal Pain

Question 4: Does Copper Really Purify Water?

Answer: Surprising yes! Copper holds the power to kill fungus, molds, bacteria, and algae. The presence of all of these microorganisms can harm humans and affect the functioning of their organs.

We’re sure there’s a huge list of microorganisms that copper can destroy and if you’re keen to know about that, we suggest contacting a professional.

Question 5: Can We Wash Our Face With Copper Water?

Answer: Yes, you can. Our skin starts looking dry and dull after a long tiring day. A reason for that is the reduction of hyaluronic acids (which happens with age). But washing your face off with copper water brings back the glow and freshness.

It hydrates your skin and makes it look vibrant, happy, and plump. So, why not? Don’t think twice before using copper water.

Question 6: Is Copper Water Good For Hair?

Answer: Copper doesn’t show direct health benefits when it comes to hair but yes it is somewhat good.

According to a study, copper maintains a great tissue balance in our blood vessels. As a result, it allows hair follicles to acquire adequate oxygen and nutrient supply. This eventually helps in promoting better hair growth.

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Question 7: What Are The Benefits of Copper?

Answer: Benefits of copper and not copper water right? Here’s a list of your interest:

  • Produces red blood cells
  • Ensures great health of nerve cells
  • Creates collagen (an essential protein needed for our bones and tissues)
  • Safeguards our cells (prevents damage of any kind)

Question 8: What Happens If I Drink Lemon Water In Copper Utensils?

Answer: Please don’t drink lemon water in copper utensils. The acid present in Lemon, when combined with Copper can negatively impact your health. It can result in severe stomach aches or even vomiting (So, avoid lemon water & lemonades).

Question 9: Can We Keep Copper Bottles In The Fridge?

Answer: Sure. Keeping copper bottles in the fridge helps accelerate the cooling process. It is a great item for those who enjoy drinking cool water during summers.

We recommend you clean your copper bottle on a regular basis though. To reap all the benefits of copper water, you shouldn’t neglect proper cleaning. You can refer to our previous blog to get some cleaning tips.

Did not get an answer to your copper water-related question? Comment below and let us know about it and we will cover it in our next blog.

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