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Positive Impacts of Copper Water in Our Everyday Lives

Copper Water in Our Everyday Lives

Water is vital for all the organisms on the planet, including humans – it’s an undeniable fact! It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless with no nutrients and yet an essential liquid for all.

Not only we use water for drinking and cooking but also use it in many other things such as irrigation. It supports and functions the entire planet every day. It’s important to keep ourselves hydrated by consuming water with no impurities. Contaminated water can make your body sick and you cannot perform day-to-day activities properly. Experts recommend purifying your water before consumption. There are many ways through which you can keep the water clean such as using water purifiers or boiling the water to make it germ-free. Some people also stick to the old ways and use copper water dispenser, mugs, and jugs to keep the water clean.

Choose any method you like, they are all effective; however, other purification methods don’t have the added benefits of copper.

Benefits of Copper Water

Drinking water from a copper vessel is one of the best ways to consume water in the purest form with amazing health benefits. Cooking and drinking in copperware can lead to a stronger immune system, better digestion, and help to fight many diseases.

Let’s explore each of these benefits in detail.

Keeps the Water Germ Free

The best thing about copper is it has anti-microbial properties. According to professor Karrera Djoko from Durham University, copper has robust germ-killing properties that can kill them at a rapid pace. When you store water into a copper vessel for 4-6 hours, the copper ions dissolve into the water. These ions can kill the bacteria effectively, leaving no trace of bacteria or microbes. You might want to use plastic bottles to drink water but it won’t be healthy like copper bottles.

Has Anti-aging properties

Everybody hates wrinkles, and it’s something that is inevitable. We might not be able to stop the ticking clock, but we can certainly delay it. Copper is the solution, which by the way works better than anti-aging beauty products and is almost like magic. If you are drinking water from copper mugs or jugs regularly, you can actually avoid wrinkles to a great degree. According to some studies, it has been found that copper has cell-building properties that can delay fine lines on the face. It promotes glowing and smooth skin.

Good for Digestion

Thanks to the urban lifestyle, improper digestion is getting common these days. For those who are suffering from bad digestion, acidity, ulcers, etc. drinking from a copper jug might the best solution. When you store water in copper utensils and keep it for a while, it gets ionized with copper particles. Combined with minerals and ions the water can help you improve the digestion process by breaking down the food particles. In addition, the anti-inflammation properties of copper-infused water can effectively keep you away from acidity and ulcers.

Known For Its Antioxidant Properties

Copper also has anti-oxidant properties that are proven to be effective against deadly diseases such as cancer. Storing and drinking copper water can greatly improve your immune system and then later your ability to fight the diseases. Recent research shows that cancer cells develop faster in an acidic environment, and the alkali nature of copper can ward you off from cancer. Moreover, regular use of copper water makes your body heal wounds at a much faster rate than normal.

Makes Your Mind Sharper

There are many benefits of copper water – it makes your body strong, fights off diseases, kills bacteria and so much more. But did you know it can make your mind sharper?

Copper-induced water acts as a stimulus, it relaxes our mind and makes us think clear and better. Researchers have found that copper is one of the major ingredients that help to make myelin sheaths – that cover the neurons. That’s not all, copper also has anti-epileptic features that are useful in helping people with seizures.

Why Store Water in a Copper Vessel?

It’s a well-known fact that water mostly gets contaminated during the transportation process. If we are not careful, we might get infected with several water-borne diseases. Even if the water is transported from a far distance, storing it in a copper pot makes the water safe to drink. But remember to keep the water in the pot for at least 4-6 hours.

Copper water dispensers or pots are easily available – you can buy one for water storage and set it up in your house. These storage pots come in various shapes and sizes and you can bring them home as per your family strength. Develop a good habit and drink copper water to stay healthy and stronger.

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