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Debunking the Most Commonly Believed Copper Water Myths

copper water dispenser

There are hundreds of myths and misconceptions regarding almost everything. Whether they are related to animals, humans or metals, you will always find one or more folktales and fables lingering to them.

Some myths are based on the truth, and some are just utter nonsense. Speaking of myths, several misconceptions are flying around about copper utensils like copper water dispensers.

For ages, humans have been using copper metal for cooking food, storing and drinking water. With the advancement of technology and modern tools, we have shifted towards plastic, alloys, etc. for the same. However, the copper vessels such as mugs, jugs, and pots are still in trend and so are the surrounding misconceptions. Today, we are going to debunk all those –

Common Copper Myths and the Reality Behind it

First and foremost, copper is essential for the human body. As our human body does not produce copper on its own and we must outsource it from other means. Drinking water with copper jugs is quite easy and effective to fulfill everyday copper requirements in our body.

Our eastern ancestors adopted a healthy lifestyle for ages, now scientists also approved the core benefits of drinking copper water. People around the world are still misguided by the false information about copper. However. This is not true and we are going to prove it. Let’s discuss the most talked myths about copper –

1 – Copper Water is Harmful if Consumed

The most widespread myth about copper is that copper water is toxic to the human body. We do not deny the existence of copper toxicity and its effects on the body. But have you ever wondered why it happens? Corrosion in the pipelines is the primary reason behind copper toxicity (acidic content in water leads to corrosion).

Now, if you think carefully, it all depends on how you drink copper water. Suppose you have a copper water dispenser in your kitchen, you clean and fill fresh water every day. Cleaning your copper utensils regularly and properly is important. If there is no sign of corrosion or rust on the surface of the pot, then you can enjoy all the benefits without worrying about toxicity.

2 – Easily Get Stained and Hard to Clean

Not just copper, any metal gets stationed easily with patches if you store water in them. Whether it’s a copper bottle or plastic bottle, they both get stained one way or another. The only solution is regular cleaning, but it’s not that simple with copper bottles, they require special treatment. For instance, you can clean a steel bottle or plastic bottle with anything you desire, but you can not do the same with a copper one. There are cleaning products available in the market specifically made to clean copper utensils.

As you can see, copper items are easy to clean, they just require some extra love, that’s all. And with so many health benefits, we can at least make a few efforts, can’t we?

3 – Not Everyone Can Afford Them Because They Are Expensive

Copper utensils are as expensive as other similar items available in the market. However, the quality can make a difference, despite that, they are affordable and reachable to most people. Suppose you want to buy a mug and have two options – silver and copper. Considering they are both made of genuine metal and have the same pattern. The price might differ slightly depending on the brand and the choice depends on person to person.

4 – There is No Need For a Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

Moscow mule is a cocktail traditionally served in copper mugs. They say sipping the cocktail in copper mugs gives the best taste possible. Sure, you are free to experiment and try it however you want, but copper mugs and Moscow mule go hand-in-hand, there is no exception.

5 – Copper Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Well, anything is dangerous if consumed more than needed, the same goes with copper content. Taking it in a vast amount is harmful if you are pregnant or not. But since bearing a child is not a joke, it is better to take advice from a doctor.

Studies state that copper helps pregnant ladies in a big way. A childbearing lady needs more blood than a normal female and copper helps in the formation of red blood cells and the baby’s development. It also assists our body in regulating blood pressure. In normal circumstances, it is not harmful to women.

Copper-infused water is essential for us as it keeps our immunity strong, aids in digestion, makes us smarter and what not. Lack of copper content in our body, however, leads to bone disorders, anaemia, high cholesterol levels, etc. Just because there is a belief floating around, we do not need to sacrifice such an opportunity to get fit.

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