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Coasters at Home and Office

There are many things that contribute to home decor and drink coasters are one of those special things. Initially, they were there just to shield and protect the tabletop from stains and spot rings.

And we all know what kind of headache spot rings are, it can make your tabletop unclean and untidy. Nowadays, they are not just something that protects your table but they also act as decorative pieces to deliver a message. Coasters are not limited to bars, shops, and restaurants anymore now they have found their place in various homes and offices. They are common in especially those houses where people emphasise on table decors. People use drink coasters at the base of coffee mugs, tea mugs, and copper mugs.

Popular Types of Coasters

Drink coasters are very affordable and available in various shapes, sizes, colours, and designs to satiate your decor needs. They mostly carved out of these materials –

  • Woodencoasters give off a classic feel and are best for household and formal use. They are simple to look at and can easily blend in with various wooden tables. Nowadays, you can buy them online with minimalist patterns and designs. 

  • Coasters made of plastic or acrylics are tough and can handle day-to-day use with ease. Thanks to the similar look as the glass they are widely sought by all kinds of people. They are perfect for parties and fine dinings.

  • Now, the glass itself. The glass coasters look superfine on the table and can rival any other tabletop item such as flower vases of various kinds. Although it’s gorgeous to look at, it is prone to damage.

  • Metal coasters are simply durable and elegant. They can be shiny, rusty, smooth, and rough. So whatever your taste is you can easily find it among metal coasters.

  • Ceramic coasters are a curse and a blessing at the same time. They look gorgeous with various patterns, designs and colours but just like glass coasters, they break easily with a little impact. They are best to complement other ceramic items such as ceramic flower vases, mugs, etc.

Major Advantages of Coasters

A coaster is not there for just laying it down on the table and looking pretty, they are capable of offering a multitude of functions and features. Let’s get to know what coasters can do for you – 

Conveying the Message with Personalised Coasters

Coasters are very effective in sending subtle messages to the clients and the customers. That is the reason why most companies, restaurants, bars, and shops use those branded items on the table. Suppose, you are in a bar drinking and chilling with your buddies and there is a personalised coaster lying there silently.

No matter if you are an attentive kind or not, your sight eventually falls on that particular piece strategically placed by the owner. Marketers design them in such a way that it prints on the minds of the people. Indeed an effective strategy.

Keeps the Tables Spotless

The primary function of any coaster is to keep the table clean and free from any spots from drinks. That’s the whole purpose of their invention, right. You would not realize the effectiveness of them until or unless you start using them and make a habit. It can bring a drastic change to table decor and to the overall aesthetic around it.

Fun fact – using coasters can make your wooden tables last much longer than usual. If you are using the table for drinks like coffee or cold drinks can damage the integrity of the table through the process of condensation. Better to use a base at the bottom of copper mugs, coffee mugs, teacups to prevent the table from absorbing heat, cold, or moisture.

Small, Easy, and Convenient

Coaster is a small piece on the tabletop and is good at what they made to do. They are mobile and small in size, therefore, you can buy as many sets as you want. You do not have to face storage problems or worry about moving them here and there. They are designed to take the moisture head-on so if there is any spill, they are easy to clean and ready to use again.

The best thing about coasters is that they are fairly cheap. They do not cost much and you can easily find beautiful sets online or from a nearby market. However, the prices may differ on the basis of quality and material use.

Though they are small in size, they are something that every house and office should own. They are highly convenient, affordable, and great to look at. If you haven’t had them yet, you must.

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